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Cowan Consulting Services is ready to drive your digital transformation.  Implementing Decisions Sciences/Analytics to drive business decisions, maximizing you ROI per data dollar. 

Turn-Key Solutions

Our team has the capability to design, engineer, fabricate, automate, deliver, and commission solutions to your problems.

Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics Platform:

Our remote monitoring platform can collect data the field anywhere in the world providing visibility and real-time information to drive business decisions, optimize operations, improve safety, and security.

Utilizing machine learning, rule-based decision engines, and data analytics patterns can be detected to optimize production, reduce and prioritize alarms, monitor for leaks, minimize energy and chemical usage, mitigate environmental risk.

Field Services:

Our field services team is composed of experienced professionals empowered to make decisions on the ground to keep operations moving.  Sign up for a service contract today for our team to be ready to serve when the time comes.


Move Quickly
Communicate Effectively
Make Fact Based Decisions with Confidence
Stay Flexible
Have Fun

Our Specialties:

SCADA Development

Communication Projects

Radio, Cellular, and Satellite

PLC Panel Design

PLC Programming

And More

Integrator Programs:

Article and Media:

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