Meet our Team

Mark Cowan – Founder & CEO 

Mark is a Texas Licensed – Control Systems Engineer (CSE) with 10 years experience working with Tier 1 Oil and Gas companies in the Permian Basin. Focused on bringing scalable IIot technology and data analytics capability to the oil field. Allowing companies to utilize technology to maximize ROI from their automation dollar.

He moved into to the automation world from the project management side, driven by the need to maintain uptime and trending on the water treatment systems that I was responsible for. I understand the results that drive business decisions, as well as the challenges that operators and contractors deal with on the ground. This understanding gives me the ability to fully communicate objectives, risks, with all stakeholders to proactively mitigate project risk and drive successful automation project outcomes.

Sean Terrell – Hardcore Automation Warrior, PLC Tamer, and SCADA Virtuoso – An unrelenting problem solver and a dedicated troubleshooter. 

Sean “Scooter” Terrell is heavily involved in keeping up with the industry pulse and helping CCS stay ahead of the curve in utilizing the latest technology to deliver value to our customers.  He brings to the team over 17 years of Electromechanical Technical Experience, 10 years dedicated to automation programming, testing, evaluation, and design along with 5 years served in the Oil and Gas industry. Sean is a big picture thinker who can bring powerful solutions that bring value from your automation investment. 

Sean is experienced with Allen-Bradley ControlLogix and CompactLogix platforms utilizing Studio 5000, Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk,  the Opto22 EPIC Platform, RedLion HMI Development, and Ignition by Inductive Automation. Sean is pushing the envelope with MQTT Protocol development and implementation for reliable service in bandwidth limited locations.

Follow Sean on LinkedIn, and view his podcast. 

Wally Hudnall – Automation Manager 

Wally started his career with the Navy working on advanced Avionic equipment, and has served the Oil & Gas Industry since 1998 in a variety of roles on and off-shore. Extensive experience with automation project commissioning and Preventative Maintenance.

“Electronics are electronics, whether it on an aircraft, a ship, a factory or a drilling rig. I’m a troubleshooter and can solve problems.  I learn how a system is supposed to operate, and find what is interfering with its normal operation, and fix it.”



Abel Lucio – Field Supervisor 

Abel brings to the team 5 years of field experience managing electrical and automation teams while driving crews to execute under challenging conditions.  A detail oriented perfectionist, Abel takes and gives no excuses and will do what it takes to get your project done on time and on budget.  Abel is experienced running crews of 30+ and is now focused on using small teams with the highest performers to achieve rapid project completion.